Getting Started

Yes it's free to register, and free to connect your league.

In the top right just click the Login button and Discord takes care of the rest.

We do not store any password information, only your username, e-mail, and social links.


1. Go to your league page to get your URL. If you've already exported before, this URL will be in your admin dashboard as well.

2. Download the Madden Companion App from the app store.

3. Open the Madden Companion App and login to your EA account.

4. Choose Play Franchise and find your league

5. Open your league and click the Export button in the bottom right corner.

6. Type your URL into the input box. You can't paste it, so make sure it is entered exactly like it's shown on NeonSportz.

7. Uncheck all boxes except League info.

8. Press the export button, this one shouldn't take long. It sends NeonSportz your league's teams and their current standings.

9. Once you see the green check mark, press OK to go back to the export page.

10. Uncheck all boxes except Roster and press the Export button. This one will take a minute or two depending on your connection. It sends NeonSportz all of your players and their attributes, abilities, etc.

11. Once you see the green check mark, press OK go back to the export page again.

12. Uncheck all boxes except Weekly stats and at the bottom you'll want to press the Week down arrow, scroll all the way down to All Weeks and press it.

13. Now press the export button. This one will also take a minute or two based on your connection. This will send NeonSportz all of your game stats for all weeks. We have to choose all weeks because the app is bugged.

You'll want to do export every week your league advances in order to keep NeonSportz up to date.

If you see a red X on any of the options, please try one of these:

1. Double-check your URL is exactly correct (found in your admin dashboard)

2. Double-check you are doing your exports in the right order

3. Make sure you have a good connection, WiFi preferred

4. Try restarting the app and exporting again

5. Delete your Companion App, reinstall, then try export again.

If you see the green check mark on all three options and your league still isn't updating, please wait at least 15 minutes before trying again.

Sometimes a lot of leagues export at once so the system may be backed up.

If your league still isn't updating, please try again in an hour, NeonSportz could be under maintenance or the madden servers could be down.

Finally, if you STILL can't get it working, please join the NeonSportz Discord and ask for help

Discord Bot

Type !help on any Discord server the NeonSportz bot is on to get a list of all current commands.

This video explains the basic commands:

This video explains the current trade system:

If none of these answered your question, please go the the Support page!