NeonSportz is the newest and upcoming Madden Career Franchise League platform that makes your life easier by integrating Discord and providing fast, easy access to your data from anywhere. We use Discord for login and have a verified bot for your server. You can use commands to see your data any time from Discord as well as use our website or iOS/Android mobile apps.
Madden Franchise Leagues are online leagues created on the Madden video game. They allow each user to take over a team in the NFL (32 teams, 32 members). Each league has its own community and different rules.
First you will need to order your league. For only $29.99 you gain access to a load of features. After ordering, you will receive an activation link via email with instructions.
If they have logged into NeonSportz before, they can type /join on your Discord server. Another way is to go to your league page and click the green join button. You can view join requests in the join requests section of administration.
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