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Fast & Easy Access to Madden Data
View your Madden Franchise League's teams, players, statistics, games, scores, and more from anywhere. Just export your data from the Madden Companion app to our platform.
Discord Account Integration
No need to remember another password, create a NeonSportz account by logging in with Discord. We automatically sync your username, e-mail, and social connections!
Verified Discord Bot
Use commands to access your league's data from Discord. Commands like /ps that allow you to search for any player or /pstats to show all your statistics to your members. Try out commands on our Discord in the 🤖command-test channel!
Receive Discord notifications on league advances, transactions, player changes, and more.
Save Hours of Your Time
Tired of spending precious time approving trades for your league? Members of your league can easily create a trade request on the website for voting. These can even be sent to vote from your Discord server!
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