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Trade System Update

avatar Drakyoid

The trade system update is finally here!

Trade Block

Every player that is on a team now show a new trade status: Off the Block and On The Block. To place a player on the block just go to their profile and click the switch! You can only put a player on the block if they're on your team and if they leave your team they'll automatically be placed off the block.

After you set some players on your trade block, you can use the !tradeblock or !tb command and it will output all of them in discord! You can also get another team's trade block by using !tradeblock [team].

Trade Approval Request

Most leagues have some form of trade approval. If your league does, you'll find this feature very useful! You can now create a trade easily by going to your league and clicking Trades > Create. This is only available to members of your league who have the "Create Trade" permission.

Once you choose the players and picks you'd like to trade, just click Send Trade.

Discord Integration (Voting on trades through Discord)

The biggest feature added, that no other websites have is the ability to vote on trade approvals through Discord!

If set up correctly, a trade request will be sent to your chosen Discord channel once created. Your Trade Committee will then be able to click the check mark for approve or red x for deny. Once the trade is approved or denied, this message will delete and move to your chosen approved or denied channel.

How do I set this up?

Set your member's team and permissions on the members section of the Admin Dashboard. If the member has the "Create Trade" permission then they can create trades (obviously). "Vote Trade" means they can vote on trades, and "Force Trade" means they can force approve or deny a trade.

Set your Discord channels on your admin dashboard under the Discord Bot section. I recommend setting your pending trades channel permissions to only allow your Trade Committee to see it because it will @everyone once sent.

Once a trade is approved or denied, it'll be sent to the channel you choose and mention (@) the two teams involved.

More Changes:

0.13.9 Update - 10/1/2021

  • Fixed teams home page displays records in wrong format, ties and losses are switched
  • Fixed league members page on admin dashboard only displaying 32 people
  • When editing a league member, fixed bug that put None as the default team option even if they already had a team assigned
  • Removed header ad from the top of every page (thanks Donors for your support)
  • Improved donors page formatting
  • On the league schedule page when you click a new week it won't take you to the top of the page anymore
  • Fix force trade button formatting on mobile being messed up
  • Fixed bug where if you choose @ everyone for your trade role it sends @@ everyone
  • Fix trade role not getting mentioned when a trade is cancelled, it was doing @ everyone
  • Fixed the max pending trade and max trades per season count checker being one off

0.13.8 Update - 09/28/2021

  • Remade the team stats page. It now includes every team stat you'll ever need. No, seriously go look... if I somehow missed a stat please let me know, I spent like 3 hours on this page making sure everything was there:

0.13.7 Update - 09/28/2021

  • Add league delete button to admin dashboard (only the league owner can use this), will wipe the league from existence so be careful 💥
  • Added separate channel options for advance update, transactions, position changes (currently broken), and schedule update. This can be set in your admin dashboard under the Discord Bot tab

0.13.6 Update - 09/27/2021

  • Added "My Trades" page to menu. This will pull up a table that shows your trades.
  • Added season filter to all trades tables
  • Added count for your pending trades and your season trades on a new and improved team menu

0.13.5 Update - 09/26/2021

  • You can now set which role is mentioned (@) when there's a pending trade in the trade section of your admin dashboard
  • Max pending trades is now implemented, you can set this in the trade section of your admin dashboard
  • Max trades per season is now implemented, you can also set this in the trade section of your admin dashboard

0.13.4 Update - 09/24/2021

  • Import player stats bug should be fixed, please let me know if it isn't

0.13.1-0.13.3 Updates - 09/24/2021

  • Fixed Discord servers with emojis in their name wouldn't show up on the league connect page
  • Fixed if someone isn't assigned a team, they will not be able to create a trade
  • On the trade create page, the teams are now ordered alphabetically
  • Picks are now bolded in trades sent to Discord for easier view
  • Trades involving over 4 players will now get sent to Discord (no contract info due to size limits)
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