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Partnership with Hackerw

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NeonSportz is partnering with Hackerw from The Loyalty League to create awesome content for the website! In this video, Hackerw explains the partnership in more detail and plans for future content. We are excited to partner with him and look forward to all of the videos and streams he creates.

League Showcases

Every week or so, we will be hosting a league showcase to display your awesome Madden leagues to the public! Live shows will be announced on the NeonSportz Discord as well as Twitter.

If you are a league owner and are interested in being featured in our league showcase, please contact Hackerw either on Discord (hackerw#4230) or his twitter!

How to Watch

These will be streamed on the The Loyalty League Twitch Channel and posted here for people who can't make the live show.

First League Showcase Show with "The Legacy"

The first league showcase is already scheduled with "The Legacy"! Set your calendars for this Saturday night (9/18) @ 9PM EST/8PM CST!.

The Loyalty League

Future Plans

Along with league showcases, we have plans on including Madden Guides as well as Tutorials for NeonSportz! If you have any other ideas or want to participate at all in content creation on NeonSportz, please contact us (info below). Hopefully we can expand to other games as the website grows!

Get Connected

The Hack n Wack Show

Hackerw also hosts a weekly show called "The Hack n Wack Show" every Friday over on his Twitch
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