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Customizable Power Rankings Update

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View Power Rankings Table

To access this table, simply click on "Rankings" in your league page's toolbar. Every time you export your league info, the power rankings page for the week you are currently on will be updated. This table includes each team's rank, change from the previous week, offense ranks, and defense ranks. These will be saved for every week and every season, so you can always go back and see each team's ranks!

Editing Your League's Power Rankings

If you have the "EDIT LEAGUE" permission in your league, you'll see an "Edit" button in the top right of the Power Rankings table. If you click this, you'll get taken to the edit page. On this page, you're able to choose any week/season for your power rankings and move them to where you would like. This page works great on mobile as well. After you make your changes, click the green Save button in the top right.

Power Rankings Command

On Discord, the command to view your league's current power rankings is simply !pr

More coming soon!

More updates will come to this system as well as all of the statistics tables on the website. To receive notifications when we update, please join our Discord!

Other changes to this update:

  • Add leave and cancel join request buttons (go to your profile)
  • Improve team stats table
  • Add owner to main leagues table
  • Improve team roster page
  • Fix some import issues for Android phones (if you have an Android and have problems exporting please let me know)
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